Your Questions About Radiofrequency Vaginal Therapy in Mokena, Answered

Age and profound life moments like childbirth, menopause, hysterectomy, or chemotherapy naturally cause a woman’s body, even the vagina, to experience drastic changes. 

While everything a woman’s body goes through throughout her life is nothing short of miraculous, there are more intimate parts of the body that cannot go back to the way they once were without medical assistance.

All too often, women suffer in silence with intimate concerns like vaginal dryness, laxity, or loss of sensitivity, and even potentially embarrassing dysfunctions like stress or urge urinary incontinence (experiencing urine leakage when you laugh, cough, sneeze, or exercise). 

If you have been experiencing any of these symptoms, take charge of your sexual wellness and turn to the experienced team at Images Med Spa for radiofrequency (RF) vaginal therapy in Mokena.

How does Images Med Spa provide RF vaginal therapy in Mokena?

At some point in their lives, all women will experience a decline in vaginal health because of mechanical or hormonal events like menopause, childbirth, hysterectomy, or chemotherapy. Many women in Mokena turn to vaginal rejuvenation treatments to address the symptoms of this decline. 

The Viveve® System is a minimally invasive, in-office procedure that allows you to be in and out of our Mokena office in an hour or less. Our clients experience little to no discomfort and are free to leave our office and resume their regular daily activities immediately following treatment. 

Unlike other vaginal therapies, the Viveve System uses state-of-the-art cryogen-cooled monopolar radiofrequency (CMRF) energy to deliver RF vaginal therapy in Mokena. Using this revolutionary device, we treat the vaginal tissue and encourage new collagen to grow and existing collagen to restore itself. This tightens the tissue and delivers results that will address your concerns.

Taking your age, symptoms, and tissue condition of your vagina into account, we use the power of RF technology to renew vaginal tissue in the skin’s deeper layers, where other vaginal therapies may only treat the very top layer of tissue.

Who is the best candidate for Viveve RF vaginal therapy?

In general, healthy women who have been through childbirth or menopause, have breastfed, or have undergone chemotherapy or a hysterectomy could benefit from Viveve treatments. 

Viveve RF vaginal therapy can help address the following vaginal health concerns:

  • Vaginal laxity (Over-stretched vaginal tissue)
  • Vaginal atrophy (Vaginal dryness, burning, itching, and/or excess discharge or decreased vaginal lubrication)
  • Painful sexual intercourse
  • Loss of sexual sensation due to thinning of vaginal tissue
  • Stress urinary incontinence
  • Less-than-spectacular orgasms

Viveve RF vaginal therapy is FDA-cleared for electrocoagulation of vaginal tissue.

Learn about Viveve for vaginal dryness→

Is there anyone who should not seek RF vaginal therapy in Mokena?

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, wait to have any RF vaginal therapy therapy treatments.

Additionally, if you are a younger woman who has not yet had children nor have experienced menopause, a hysterectomy, or chemotherapy, it is unlikely that you require Viveve treatments.

If you are unsure if Viveve RF vaginal therapy in Mokena is right for you, schedule a free consultation with one of our specialists. We will review your medical history and symptoms to help determine if you are a good candidate.

What happens during a Viveve RF vaginal therapy session?

Before Your Visit

Before your Viveve treatment, we ask that you arrive freshly bathed and wearing loose cotton underwear. Please do not apply any creams or lotions on or near your pelvic area. 

Ensuring Your Comfort

When you arrive at our office for RF vaginal therapy in Mokena, you can comfortably lie back and listen to music, watch Netflix, or catch up on emails. Thanks to the contact cooling provided by the device, topical numbing cream is not needed.

RF Vaginal Therapy in Mokena

We begin the procedure by inserting the ergonomic Viveve RF probe into the vaginal canal. The radiofrequency-emitting tip of the probe will gently move back and forth, emitting monopolar energy that penetrates the tissue. To address labial laxity, we may apply the probe to the outer labia. Most clients feel a warming sensation and report no pain or discomfort during the treatment. 

Post-treatment care for RF vaginal therapy in Mokena

Immediately after their quick and painless RF vaginal therapy in Mokena with the Viveve System, most of our clients can return to their normal daily routine without trouble, though some minor swelling, redness, or tingling may be possible for a few days after treatment.

While you can bathe and shower right away with gentle shampoos and cleansers, we do suggest refraining from sexual intercourse, vaginal penetration, and using tampons for 48 hours following your treatment.

How does the Viveve System work?

The Viveve System uses the latest CMRF technology to improve and tighten vaginal tissues, increase moisture, address urinary incontinence, and give you unforgettable orgasms 🥳 

The Viveve device works to gently heat the deeper layers of tissue to stimulate collagen production, increasing the thickness and elasticity of vaginal walls and other treated tissues, like the labia. This allows for increased natural lubrication and decreased laxity.

Do treatments with Viveve hurt?

Our clients who have undergone Viveve RF vaginal therapy in Mokena report feeling quite comfortable throughout the entire-60 minute procedure.

Thanks to the cryo-cooling technology, clients describe the sensation as nothing more than gentle warming. Some clients may also feel slight pressure against their vaginal wall or increased sensitivity near the vaginal opening while the probe is inserted.

How many Viveve treatments are required?

To treat the symptoms of vaginal atrophy, stress urinary incontinence, or vaginal laxity, clients typically require just one Viveve treatment! 

After their first treatment, clients can notice a significant improvement in their intimate concerns and symptoms. Once fully healed, the vagina will feel tighter, and more easily and naturally stimulated. Overall, our clients report feeling more in control of their body afterwards.

To sustain the incredible results of Viveve RF vaginal therapy in Mokena, we recommend having a maintenance treatment once a year, or as recommended by your Images specialist.

Are there any treatments that pair well with Viveve RF vaginal therapy in Mokena?

The babes at Images Med Spa also offer the PRP Breast Lift for women who wish to find complete rejuvenation of their intimate areas with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) derived from their own blood and dermal filler injections.

The PRP Breast Lift is a revolutionary treatment using growth factors and stem cells to renew and regenerate tissues. Combined with dermal filler injections, PRP injections in the breast area have been shown to treat fine lines, wrinkles, and stretch marks and improving blood circulation to create a firmer, fuller bust. 

💡Discover what treatments may work for you using our free Virtual Consultation tool. Select your area of concern, and what you’re experiencing, and we’ll let you know some of the best treatments to help address those concerns.

Why choose Images Med Spa for RF vaginal therapy in Mokena?

At Images Med Spa, we are proud to be the premier med spa in Mokena and the greater Chicago area. All of our consultations and treatments are performed by trained nurses and specialists, so you can relax knowing you are safe in the most skilled and practiced hands in the area. 

Besides our highly trained team, we also invest vast amounts of time, energy, and money in research and continuing education to ensure we are offering the best aesthetic patient care possible with the latest technology.

Expert Team

We employ highly trained nurses and aestheticians to perform our procedures. Trust that you’re in good hands with our many years of experience. 

The Latest Technology & Research

When you visit Images Med Spa for RF vaginal therapy in Mokena, you don’t just get a treatment. You get an experience backed by a team who consistently stays on top of the most current information and research out there, including attending courses and seminars to refresh the skills we’ve already learned. This is a dedicated, time-consuming process, but one that we take on as a great responsibility to our clients.

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