Everything You Need to Know about Undereye darkness


For most of us at some point in our lives, dark circles will appear. You might be doing everything right to keep those horrible circles away. You get a solid 8 hours of sleep, eat nutritious foods, drink plenty of water, and keep up with your daily skincare routine. But your dark circles seem even darker than usual? At Images Med Spa in Mokena we get it those circles might make you look tired, older, or even unhealthy. Don’t stress because we all know that does not make them any better. At Images Med Spa we have a number of treatments and products to lessen those dark circles. Stay tuned! 


There are many reasons for the spooky hollow area under the eye. It can be a result of fatigue, allergies, dehydration, sun exposure, aging, and genetics. If your sleep-deprived and leaning on just those 6 hours of sleep or less this might not be enough. A lack of sleep can stress the body and drain the color from the skin. The blood vessels will appear darker and fluid build-up will cause puffiness under the eye. There are so many reasons to shut the phone down before bed and make sure to have a routine of winding down to get at least a full 8 hours of sleep each night. If you’ve experienced an allergic reaction, the body releases histamines as a response to recognizing damaging bacteria. This can all result in dilated blood vessels which may be the cause of dark eye under circles. Being aware of these signs any excess under-eye dark circles it would be important to discuss with a doctor. The skin tissue under the eye is very delicate and if you spend your days soaking up the sun this can be very harmful to the skin and can produce excess melanin. This will significantly darken areas on the skin and that’s why at Images Med Spa we can’t stress it enough. WEAR SPF daily, even if you plan on staying inside all day. As if the skin under the eye wasn’t already thin it becomes thinner as we age. The reason for this is because we may begin to collagen which is the glue to keeping everything together, tight and youthful. One of the most common reasons for dark under circles is just due to genetics. If your mom or dad has prominent dark circles this could be passed down to you as well. Some people may have more melanin or pigmentation in their skin. But no matter the reason for your dark circles we have an answer to restore or lessen that delicate area of skin. 


If you’re looking to banish those dark circles once and for all then filler is your best option. Stop wasting your money on any drugstore creams and expensive make-up that may not work or are temporary altogether. Fillers for dark circles will be the best long term option out there. Anyone with fair or thinner skin tends to have more prominent dark circles. Images Med Spa in Mokena we can remove this concern in under an hour. It’s important to go to someone your trust with professional training. Our clients who come to Images Med Spa trust our providers because of the results they are constantly delivering. Quality over quantity is always important especially when it comes to the concerns of treating your face. Our considerate providers will be able to assess your skin and pick the best dermal filler for your undereye. Oftentimes it just takes a bit of a thicker cushion injected under the eye to remove the hollowness. Fillers in general tend to scare some people away especially when it comes to treating the undereye. The truth is there is nothing spooky about it!  One of our many experienced providers is going to give you the best results while making sure you’re comfortable. Prior to your treatment, you will want to make sure you avoid any blood thinners such as alcohol, aspirin, and Motrin. To some surprise treating the undereye is quite quick, painless, and also to lessen your worries a topical numbing cream is offered. A very small needle will be inserted under the eye and filler will be evenly distributed. Roughly only 3 – 5 injections will be filled under the eye. The provider might gently massage the area if smoothing down the filler is needed. After receiving your treatment you will want to avoid working out for 24 hours. There is the possibility of swelling, bruising, and a bit of discomfort afterward so it’s important to avoid touching the area. Every dermal filler is different some of them can last up to 9 months. So if the long-term and immediate results are your goals to remove dark under-eye fillers are your best option! 



Fillers are not for everyone and at Images Med Spa in Mokena, we get that! The truth is though fillers will remove the dark circles altogether. There are other options to lessen those dark circles and overtime if you keep up with the maintenance you will be very pleased with your results. Another treatment we offer is the chemical peel. Chemical peels are our go-to skin treatment for multiple reasons. People are oftentimes surprised and at how amazing the results are. Our peels are deep exfoliation that removes dead skin cells and exposes a new layer of beautiful fresh skin. The way that a chemical peel works are that the skin thinks it needs to be heeled which brings collagen to the surface and restores the damaged skin. Chemical peels restore the skin and thicken it. With the area of the undereye since the skin is so thin, this creates that hollow dark area. The peel can thicken the skin under the eye and eliminate dark circles. But with skin treatments, it takes keeping up with these amazing results. It’s recommended to comes every few weeks or months to maintain while also perfecting the skin with each treatment that is done. 


A huge factor that will determine the condition of your skin and yes undereye circles is your skincare routine. Medical grade products are the MVP of any other skincare product out there. One of the main reasons everyone should be using medical-grade is because its FDA approved and only contain pure ingredients. A lot of products out there from beauty stores or drugstores are regulated and they don’t have the strength that medical-grade products do. That being said if you don’t have a Vitamin C serum in your skincare routine you definitely should invest! One of our top sellers at Images Med Spa in Mokena is “Vital C hydrating anti-aging serum” by Images Skincare. This serum fights against signs of aging such as wrinkles and skin elasticity. It will also protect your skin from environmental damage. One of the key ingredients is hyaluronic acid which is amazing for locking in hydration to the skin. Besides the fact that smells good, it also makes your skin feel refreshed. You’ll notice an instant brightness to your skin after just one use. If you’re looking for a product this one is amazing for plumping the skin and lessening those undereye circles. 



At Images Med Spa in Mokena, we got you covered on all sorts of treatments and products to directly target and erase your concerns. Stop in or schedule a consultation today so you can feel confident and beautiful in your skin!

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