Introducing Restylane Kysse

We’ve got some exciting news to share with you! We just got our hands on the latest FDA approved dermal filler at Images Med Spa in Mokena. We’ve been waiting for approval for years now since it’s been used in Europe for quite a while and injectors all over the world are obsessed! This filler uses a Galderma proprietary XpresHAn (read as expression) technology. What we love so much about it is that it has similarities of both Juvederm and Restylane combined. If you want to learn more you will have to wait to hear about the news until the end because we are going to rank all the fillers and dive deeper so you know what makes them similar, different or better than one another. Be sure to check out the before and after photos that we have included in this blog post from our very own providers. We want you to get an idea of how amazing this filler is. But be sure to do your own research further if you’d like to see more specific results and also schedule consultation at your home away from home Images Med Spa in Mokena so we can give you our best advice for your desired look. 


First and most definitely the most common lip fillers is Juvederm. This filler always tends to be everyone’s go-to because of the plump and natural look it gives. This is Kylie Jenner’s favorite filler of choice. This filler is FDA approved and contains hyaluronic acid. Juvederm contains more hyaluronic acid than some of the other fillers which keeps those lips hydrated and makes the filler longer-lasting. Juvederm also has a big sister called Juvederm ultra plus this filler is more for the patient who wants the most dramatic lip plump. Juvederm is a very smooth filler compared to the others and so most will say they rarely experience bumps. The filler will also smooth those fine lines around the mouth. Juvederm is one of our favorites fillers in Mokena for the lips because you can create the exact look with as little filler or as much as you want. 

Next is Restylane Silk, this filler will leave your lips feeling as smooth as ever. Restylane was the first lip filler to be FDA approved. This filler is not as long-lasting and for most clients it lasts from 6-9 months. Restylane contains Lidocaine which will decrease any pain during the procedure. This filler also will create a more natural plump than the other fillers out there. Anyone who is new or wants a very subtle plump to the lips, your provider at Images Med Spa in Mokena will most likely recommend Restylane silk. This product is also a good option for anyone who wants to target the fine lines around or on the lips. Whereas the products are more focused on increasing the size of the lips this one is superior to lines with a natural plump to the lip. It contains the hyaluronic acid like the other fillers which will absorb more water and give the lips a more youthful look. 


Another filler part of the Juvederm family is Volbella. This filler began very popular in Europe and then became FDA approved in the United States. This filler is particularly different from the others because it uses Vycross technology. This means that it has a crosslinked combination of high and low molecules of hyaluronic acid. This gel filler does not need as much hyaluronic acid which would cause less swelling. The sizes of the hyaluronic acid molecules in this filler varies so it does not need to absorb as much water. Volbella will correct the symmetry of your lips while giving you that beautiful plump you’re looking for. As we age our lips begin to thin out which is a main concern for some who find that a fuller lip creates the youthful look. Volbella will work just against the signs of age and bring those lips back to life! 


The newly FDA approved filler called Kysse is brand new to Images Med Spa in Mokena and we are so excited to share it with you. Our clients are overbooking this new filler that is Europe’s number one. Kysse is pronounced as “kiss” and is similar to Juvederm and Restylane which is why we love it so much. Since it contains the Galderma technology this allows for the hyaluronic to bind to itself and then go back to its original places. What this means deeper is that the hyaluronic becomes one with your lips and will also stretch with your lips as they move. This allows more mobility with the lips and you won’t experience any discomfort. This can make it easier to adjust after getting your lips filled because not only does it feel natural but it also looks natural. This filler is similar to the others because it also treats the fine lines around the mouth. The most amazing part is that clinical trials have shown that this filler could last up to a year. It’s even said that you could use less of this product and get your desired results for a longer term than some of the other fillers. 

Now that you have all the news and facts on the fillers we hope we’ve helped you narrow it down to which filler you might like to try! At Images Med Spa in Mokena we find that all the fillers have their perks and it always depends on the patients needs and wants when achieving the beautiful pout of their liking. Lip fillers are always trending and it’s different for every client who may be looking to get the natural plump or want fillers for a more youthful look. We wanted to share this blog topic to make it easy on you when picking the right filler and filling you in on all the exciting updates and news! 


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