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Images Med Spa in Mokena is dedicated to the empowerment of the women in our community.

We are located right in the heart of Mokena, mixed amongst boutiques, restaurants, salons and much more. When you come to Mokena, you will have the best girl’s day ever! When you enter our spa you will feel relaxed, refreshed, and at home.

Every day, we help women look and feel their best by using fillers to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, add volume, and increase smoothness and youthfulness of the skin.

There are a variety of fillers we can use depending on your skin type, age, and your overall goals.

Are fillers permanent?

Fillers are not a permanent solution to your skin problems.

That said, once you get on the right maintenance schedule for your lifestyle and budget, you can enjoy smooth, wrinkle free skin for years to come!

Our Restylane brand fillers can last up to one year, with the best results showing around the 6-10 month range. We suggest repeating these injections about once a year to see your most optimum results.

Restylane produces soft, subtle results and promote a natural appearance. If Alicia Keys’ 2019 Grammy’s no-makeup look gives you life, getting Restylane fillers at our Mokena location may be the perfect solution for your wrinkles!

Juvederm Ultra is another long-lasting filler, one of our clients’ favorites. Juvederm is specifically designed to increase volume in the lips to create a natural, plump look that’s soft to the touch!

Juvederm also created a filler called Voluma, which is FDA-approved to create lost volume in the cheek and midfacial region.

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