All About Epionce and Plant Based Skincare 


Have you ever taken the time to read the ingredients in your skincare regimen? It sounds like a lot of tedious research but it is fully worth knowing the safety of those ingredients. You may be shocked by what you find. Unless you’re using some of the best Medical Grade products like Epionce at Images Med Spa in Mokena, we would recommend you do a deep search of your current skincare routine. Epionce uses safe natural plant based ingredients which is just one of the reasons it’s a top seller. Many brands contain some questionable ingredients that could be potentially harmful. At Images Med Spa we know our doctor approved medical grade products are completely safe and effective. If you’re all about natural stay tuned as we talk all about the award winning brand of Epionce and plant based skincare.

The founder of Epionce and dermatologist Dr. Carl Thornfeldt created this physician strength skin care line. Epionce is for any patient with skin concerns that revolve around age or a patient with problemed skin. Their special formula contains key botanical ingredients that rejuvenate the skin to a healthier state while also improving signs of age. After using you will notice smoother and more radiating skin that will leave you feeling more confident to wear a fresh bare face out. Their products are paraben, fragrance, sulfate and gluten free. These powerful botanical ingredients include antioxidants that boost cholesterol, ceramide and fatty acids. The combination is proven to improve the health of your skin barrier. Unlike other products Epionce won’t leave the skin irritated or dry.  Epionce has been clinically tested against other competitors’ products and has more visible improvements. Epionce has also won many awards but the whole product line won the “Best Topical Skincare at THE Aesthetic Industry Awards”. Two other products that were awarded were the Epionce Lytic Gel Cleanser. We can’t get enough of this one and neither can the beauty industry. Many people swear they feel the product doing its job! The second product to win an award was Epionce Purifying Spot Gel. It can be so frustrating finding a spot treatment that completely erases those blemishes. This product makes the cut and you will see quick results after using it. 


At Images Med Spa we are always talking about medical grade skincare products. The reason we love them so much is that they work. With the help from a skin expert like our estheticians at Images Med Spa we can set you up with a skincare plan designed specifically for your skin. No one has the same skin and that also means that one’s skincare routine will be identical. Medical grade products have been studied under the best of doctors. They have the innovation and education that other products don’t have. The nice thing about getting a consultation on your skin is just having the ongoing support throughout your whole skincare journey. Women with perfect smooth skin unless that is part of their genetics made the skin investment. When your skin looks good you feel more confident and we want that for all our clients at Images Med Spa. We want to bring to your attention all the harmful chemicals that are often found in non-medical grade products. The skin actually absorbs 60% of those harmful chemicals and then floods into the bloodstream. Natural clean products should almost be as clean as what we would eat. But often we see these pretty brands that look promising but unfortunately they could cause more harm than good. Even if it only contains a small amount of these chemicals it can still affect your health and hormones. First one that is more common is Parabens. Most products that contain parabens are on the cheaper side. This ingredient is somewhat of a secret weapon for some brands because it can keep a product fresh. However there has been lots of pressure on cosmetic companies to remove this ingredient altogether because of the harm it can cause. Parabens are dangerous because they can resist the growth of bacteria and fungi in skin care products. There have been claims to have found parabens in breast tumours, however the evidence is still being looked into. Another harmful ingredient is formaldehyde. This one however is less harmful if it has low levels of it. Many who have products that contain formaldehyde have noticed dryness to their skin. SLS also known as Sodium lauryl sulphate/ Sodium lauryl sulfate. If you’re using a particular soap that contains bubbles make sure it doesn’t have this ingredient in it. It is found in car wash detergents, engine degreasers and floor cleaners. Don’t know about you but we wouldn’t want to be washing our bodies with the same thing that cleans the floor. This ingredient has a designed to make a product thicker and create bubbles. There are so many more products on the market that contain harmful chemicals like these. It’s important you do your research or show one of our estheticians the products you’re using. 

I am sure you’ve seen plenty of products out there that either say “natural” or “organic” there is a difference between these two. First off if it says USDA certified organic only 95% of the product is plant based. This means that it’s ingredients were grown without pesticides and bioengineered genes. The difference of natural products is that these products exclude synthetic compounds and come from natural sources instead. Unfortunately natural products are not regulated like organic which is why organic tends be pricier. That natural label could really be misleading and actually have over 30% synthetic ingredients. Many of our medical grade products contain antioxidants and these restore and strengthen the skin cells. These antioxidants are amazing because they combate free radicals from your body. There also is more vitamins in plant based products and this is important to keep your skin in healthy conditions while also fighting signs of age. There are many opinions on fats but this macronutrient is important for body function, the skin and the brain. Healthy fats and oils found in plant based products can calm blemishes, restore hydration, smooth scars and improve the skin’s elasticity. 


If you’re interested in learning more about the importance of creating a clean skincare regimen set up a consultation at Images Med Spa today! 


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